Agnese F1 is a medium-late season variety, with globe-shaped bulb, bright golden colour, very good quality skin and good size. High production potentials.
The firmness is very good: it allows a very long storage. Agnese F1 showed a good adaptation ability in various growing regions, highlighting, in different conditions, its characteristics. The colour and the uniformity of the bulbs of this variety make it stand out.

LS 01 F1

Early season hybrid variety with round-shaped bulb, deep yellow colour and medium-large size.
The foliage is fairly well developed. The earliness and the closure of the neck of this variety make it stand out . It is suitable for both fresh market and processing.

LS 02 F1

Medium-early season hybrid variety, with round-shaped bulb, bronze colour, medium and uniform size. Very good quality skin of bulb thanks to the presence of 4 layers, which allow easier harvesting and processing.
It is suitable for both fresh market and processing.


Standard yellow onion for winter sowings, from the end of January until March, and for the end of July /August harvest. Layers are golden yellow coloured with very firm flesh. Medium-large size bulbs with round-globe shape.
Good storability.