Levantia Seed S.r.l.

Levantia Seed is a young Italian seed company, founded by people with more than 20 years of experience in the field of professional horticultural seed market. Levantia Seed conducts its business and its development product in Italy and abroad. Levantia Seed works with different categories of customers, from small farmers to big companies, with same purpose and attention: to satisfy their demands through the research and the development of new varieties characterized by increased yields and excellent qualities...

Why choose Us

Many experts breeders chosed Levantia Seed
as a partner in the research and development of new horticultural varieties.

Always to your side

We give value to our collaboration, giving a clear and honest support for a continuous growth toghether with our customers and partners.

Professional and Competent experience

We offer the professional experience of our technical and commercial personnel at the complete disposal of our customers.

Guaranteed products

We look for and we constantly develop new products to satisfy your requests and those of the market, submitting them to the qualitative standard controls guaranteeing that are not genetically modified.

Delivery anywhere and in any moment

We handle your orders reaching with rapidity every destination both in Italy and in the rest of the World.

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